Biological Treatment

Secondary treatment is the biological treatment of water using a wide variety of microorganisms, primarily bacteria. These microorganisms convert biodegradable organic matter contained in wastewater into simple substances and additional biomass.



VITZYME is a specially formulated blend of micro organisms, macro/ micro nutrients exclusively containing facultative bacteria. It is bio-remedial solution for wastewater treatments of chemical effluent treatments. VITZYME when added to waste water treatment systems, immediately begin to secrete multiple enzymes that digest and decompose cellulose, lignin, starch and other organic wastes to simpler compounds.


VITZYME degrades organic & inorganic solids that cause obnoxious odors into odorless compounds

  • Fats to glycerol & fatty acids
  • Cellulose to starch & sugars
  • Proteins to amino acids
  • Starch to glucose

  • Textile/ garments industry effluent treatments
  • Leather processing ETPs
  • Paper recycling units
  • Paper packaging industry
  • Breaks down cellulose, lignin, starch in simpler compounds
  • Enhances BOD, COD removal with improvement in sludge settlement
  • Reduces suspended solids and complex material in bottom sludge
  • Eliminates hydrogen sulphide gas and its odor
  • Produces less sludge compared to alternative solutions
  • Reduces nitrate and ammonia efficiency
  • Changes Biomass Dynamics
  • Improves rapid recovery time from upsets
  • Environment friendly


See the Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safety, health and environmental data.