We have wide experience in the mining industry. Our mineral processing chemicals are used to extract base and precious metals, industrial minerals, iron ore, mineral sands, Alumina, uranium, zinc and lead, cupper and coal.

RISHFLOC & RISHLYTE Flocculants & Coagulants engineered to improve throughput, enhance yield and optimize processes in mining.

The mining industry consumes large quantities of water. With water scarcity issues on the rise and ore quality on the decline, finding a solution to effectively separate ore and gangue materials is important in lowering your total cost of operations. We offer a complete flocculants and coagulants products portfolio engineered to improve throughput, enhance yield and optimize your processes in mining application.

Our treatment programs offer innovative solutions for all of the primary mining and mineral processing industries, including Alumina, Coal, Copper and Base Metals, Gold, Silver and Platinum, Phosphate and Potash, Iron Ore, Industrial Minerals and Aggregate (Sand and Gravel).

We offer wide range of RISHFLOC (Non Ionic & Anionic powder flocculants) for Ore thickening & leaching process to enhance the solid liquid separation process in conventional as well as High rate thickeners.

We also offer solution for tailing management with high quality products like RISHLYTE & RISHFLOC to improve the recycled water quality & maintain the environmental norms.

Our customised solution for Dust suppression helps to control air pollution.