Specialty Chemicals

Vitagres Corporation offers a wide range of products including chemicals for various applications in industries such as sugar, textile, paper, metallurgy, petroleum and minerals, mining, etc.

Water & Waste Water

Water resource management will be one of the major challenges we will face in the coming decades. Vitagres Group helps India provide more reliable industrial and municipal water supplies.

Paper & Pulp

We have unique expertise in chemical manufacturing to create value in both pulp and paper manufacturing processes. Through operational chemistry, we improve our customers’ process efficiency, productivity and final product quality.


Vitagres Corporation is engaged in the manufacture of specialty fiber processed products and polymer-based water treatment chemicals. We offer a wide range of textile products that are dyed, fixed, printed, and sewn.


We have rich experience in mining. Our mineral processing chemicals are used in the extraction of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, iron ore, mineral sands, alumina, uranium, zinc and lead, copper and coal.


To meet changing global demands and the energy landscape, we offer new advanced chemicals that help the oil and gas sector improve recovery rates and save energy during completion.


Ceramics are inorganic, nonmetallic, solid materials containing primarily metal, nonmetal, or metalloid atoms held together by ionic and covalent bonds. Some elements such as carbon and silicon can be considered ceramics.


We have many years of experience in producing water-soluble polymers for sugar segments.
Our product basket provides chemical solutions that improve color, increase yield, and increase efficiency in the sugar industry.

Industrial Water

Managing water resources will be one of the biggest challenges in the coming decades.
Vitagres Corporation is helping India provide a more reliable urban and industrial water supply.