To cope with the global demand and energy changing landscape, we provide our new advanced chemistries to support the oil sector to enhance the recovery, energy saving during completion, advance tailing management etc.

The oil and gas industries are constantly seeking to increase the final percentage of hydrocarbons recovered from mature or newly exploited reservoirs.

Thus multiplying the number of enhanced extraction projects around. Our product range RISHFLOC, RISHLYTE, RISHICIDE offer advance chemistries to support the oil and gas sector to enhance the recovery, energy saving & to keep environment Clean.

Our range Flocculant, Coagulant, Dispersant, Rheology modifiers, Biocides & many other Specialty products find the applications in oilfield & Gas industry.

Friction Reducer

It is used to reduce the friction forces experienced by tools and tubulars in the wellbore. Friction reducers are routinely used in horizontal and highly deviated wellbores where the friction forces limit the passage of tools along the wellbore.

Doilers / De-emulsifier

Deolier is a process in which oil is removed from a material or surface. De-emulsification is the breaking of a crude oil emulsion into oil and water phases. Both are essential for further purification of the oil and its various applications.

Viscosity Modifier

Viscosity modifiers are high molecular weight polymers which change the temperature dependence of the viscosity of a liquid lubricant. These polymeric additives reduce mineral oil thinning as temperature increases. Polymers used as viscosity modifiers in oil.

Bentonite Extender

It is common practice to add a small amount of polymer to the ore during milling inorder to guarantee that the bentonite will meet the API specification of minimum barrel yield without compromising fluid loss control.

Scale Inhibitor

Scale inhibitors are a class of specialty chemicals that are used to slow or prevent scaling in water systems. ‘Scale’ is a common term used in the oil industry Scaling represents a major challenge for flow assurance in the oil and gas industry.


Biocides are chemical or biological products intended to prevent or deter animals, plants or micro-organisms from causing damage to human health or property. Biocides may cause harm to health and the environment. That is why biocides need authorisation and regulation.