Foam Control

Foam can be a problem in many water treatment applications as well as in various production processes. On-site testing is an important tool for analyzing our customer’s needs and recommending the best products for their systems


VITFOAM defoamers prevent generation of foams and causes existing foams to rapidly collapse. VITFOAM series of defoamers are either Silicon based, non-silicones based or Fatty acid based. Silicones’ low surface tension and interfacial properties, combined with their lack of foam-stabilization properties cause the foam wall to thin and collapse. Fatty acid based defoamers are a composition of a polyether surfactant and a polyhydric alcohol fatty acid ester. VITFOAM defoamers with different solid content can be used in a wide range of industries.

  • Rishfoam range mainly used in effluent treatment plants.
  • Can be used in chemical manufacturing, pulp and paper, textile, oil & gas, fertilizers and various other applications.

RISHFLOC PAM cationic flocculants are recommended for the following liquid-solid separation processes:

  • Easily soluble in water.
  • Excellent performance in the control of foam.
  • Economical to use—effective at low dosage levels


See the Material Safety Data Sheet for complete safety, health and environmental data.