We have unique expertise in chemical producing to create the ultimate papermaking process. Through our chemistry, we improve our customers’ process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality

Fixing Agent

Fixing agents are used to improve retention of internal sizing agents and to enhance sizing degree. They also reduce machine deposits caused from internal sizing agent. They function as both productivity aids and product improvement since they increase speed and increase fines retention

Retention Aids

Retention aids bind fillers and fines to the fibre so they can be retained in the sheet. Retention aids also fix dyes to the sheet. Rishabh’s Retention and Drainage Aid product line consists of 25-30 products in powder and emulsion forms for optimal working in a system.

Drainage Aids

Drainage also can be increased in most paper furnish types by addition of positively charged (cationic) polymers having a high charge density. Popular chemicals for such use include PEI products, polyamines, and DADMAC of moderate molecular mass.

Slime Control Agents

Micro-organism is a paper technologists nightmare. These micro-organisms disturb the operating sequence of Paper machine circulation system. This leads to formation of a bio-film multiple issues. If left untreated it can damage to irreversible points

Stickies Control

Stickies are tacky substances contained in the paper pulp and process water systems of paper machines. Stickies have the potential to contaminate the components either within or around the equipment necessary in the Stages of Manufacturing that a Paper Mill follows in its Developed Process.


Surface active agents added in the process of boiling of wood or pulp cause foam. The degree of foam formation depends on the type & speed of machine, nature of pulp, pH etc. Rishabh Defoamers are developed with a view to reduce surface tension at the liquid to air surface and thus eliminate foam.


Deinking is the process of removing printing ink from paper fibers of recycled paper to make deinked pulp. The deinking process is the ability to detach ink from the fibers. This is achieved by a combination of mechanical action and chemical means.

Dry Strength Additives

Dry strength additives are multifunctional chemicals which are widely used both to enhance paper / paperboard strength such as bursting, compressing, tensile, and internal bond strength etc. and to improve drainage and retention of fiber, fines and filler.


Using conventional coagulants like salts of Aluminium or Iron pose problems of finely divided flocs of aluminum hydroxide or ferric hydroxide getting carried over into the clarified water. Our Coagulants replace inorganic coagulants and also reduce cost of treatment.

Flocculants for Fiber Recovery

Flocculants for fibre recovery are present in different products in powder form with product charge. Anionic low molecular weight and medium molecular weight, Cationic low, medium and high molecular weight. These Products are being used in fibre recovery like krofta, save all etc.

Felt Conditioners

Maintaining clean, open felts is critical to paper machine performance. A one percent increase in sheet dryness leaving the press section generally permits a three percent to five percent increase in production or a comparable energy decrease.

Wire Passivation

Wire passivation agents modifies the surface of the forming fabric, reducing its surface energy to prevent contaminants from spreading / being caught in the wire. Wire passivation agents has also been proven to be effective against pitch.

Refining Enzymes

The Refining enzyme program helps in the reduction of refining energy of fibre, gives better drainage on wire part with improved machine runnability with improved paper properties. Enzymes have opened up a new dimension in the paper Industry.

Boil Out

Effective boil-outs and machine cleaning is required to maintain maximum operational efficiency. Effective boil-outs are one of the foundations of a comprehensive microbiological control program. Boil-outs are critical components of deposit and microbiological control programs.